The Walk Without Fear Foundation (WWFF) is a charititable organization that helps people in countries affected by victim-activated weapons. We help prevent fatalities and injuries caused by encounters with these weapons. We also provide care and support to survivors and their families to rebuild their lives.

This man-made, lethal problem can be fixed. We know the solution. We know it works. And, it’s simple.

Survivors and their families need services and the land needs to be made safe.

Safe land means more than safe passage to school, work and play. To people around the world—it means freedom.

What is a victim activated Weapon?

A victim-activated weapon is any weapon that explodes or has the potential to explode by the presence or proximity of a person. They include anti-personnel landmines, cluster bombs and explosive remnants of war (ERW).

These indiscriminate weapons  injure and kill civilians in every corner of the globe, every day. They don’t recognize ceasefires and claim victims long after conflicts end. The ripple effect on individuals, families, communities and countries is devastating. Everyday, millions of people live in fear of these life-threatening weapons.

Now for the good news.

This man-made, lethal problem can be fixed. We know the solution. We know it works. And, it’s simple. This is a problem we can solve in our lifetime.

The Ottawa Treaty banning landmines and the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which require states to clear contaminated land, destroy stockpiled victim activated weapons and assist victims, give us the solution this problem. All we need now is the funding and political will to finish the job.

A comprehensive grassroots approach

Your donation will directly fund projects that help people hit hardest by victim-activated weapons. We take a comprehensive, grassroots approach through long-lasting projects implemented by excellent NGO partners in affected countries around the globe.

Our work includes:

identifying and marking suspected minefields
mine clearance and disposal
risk awareness training about landmines, cluster bombs and ERW for people living in affected countries
humanitarian assistance to victims of landmines
developing expertise in communities affected by landmines by providing training and capacity building for youth to become self-sustaining
public awareness campaigns

Our work touches the lives of some of the most vulnerable people around the world. But take a moment and imagine a world without these deadly weapons.

It’s possible. We can do this in our lifetime.

You can help through simple things that work. Projects like marking and clearing minefields, survivor assistance and helping people, especially young people, who live with this threat everyday develop their own capabilities and expertise to deal with the problem.

It’s easy. Tour this site to learn more about the problem or donate now.